What Do Butterflies Represent Spiritually?

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Butterflies are so beautiful and awe-inspiring that we cannot help but think they are a sign from the spiritual realm when we see one. But what do butterflies represent spiritually? 

Butterflies represent rebirth, transformation and freedom. These tiny creatures completely transformed themselves from little caterpillars into brand new beings. People also consider butterflies to represent freedom as they can fly away on their new wings.

In addition to rebirth, transformation, and freedom, butterflies symbolise how beautiful and short life can be.

Butterflies have a short life span, only a few weeks in most cases. However, during their short time on earth, they bring so much beauty and help flowers pollinate. They live peacefully, with no stingers or mouths to bite with. Butterflies live in harmony with the world around them. 

What Do Two Butterflies Flying Together Mean?

If you see two white butterflies flying together, then this represents marriage. If you see two butterflies of different colours flying together, then this represents friendship.

What Do Moths Represent Spiritually?

Moths represent unknown changes you need to follow through with and not be fearful of those potential changes.

What Does it Mean When a Butterfly Visits You? 

If you have a butterfly garden in your yard, you may be blessed with an abundance of butterflies. After all, you didn’t spend all that time and energy planting butterfly-specific plants not to enjoy watching these lovely creatures flutter from flower to flower.

But what happens when you notice a butterfly getting fairly close and friendly with you?

It may even seem like the butterfly is visiting you. It is even more noticeable if you did not plant a butterfly garden and it seems like this visit is out of the blue. What does it mean when a butterfly visits you? 

It is said that when a butterfly is visiting you, it is offering a message. The message is one of positive change coming into your life. 

When we look at how a caterpillar goes into a cocoon and emerges as a butterfly, we can see the deep ties to themes of transformation and rebirth: Change. 

We tend to avoid change and shut down when it comes. Humans are creatures of habit. But perhaps, it is time to re-examine your life and what you need to adjust to create positive changes and allow for wonderful things to happen. 

Orange butterfly Landing on the Tips of Fingers

Are Butterflies a Sign From God?

If you are searching for a message from a higher power, butterflies may just be the messengers you are waiting for.

It is believed that butterflies may be sent from God to deliver divine messages of prosperity, the end of a long hardship, and the prospect of new growth and a new life spiritually.

Whether you have a relationship with the Christian God, other Gods, or even the universe, it is widely accepted that these higher powers communicate through nature.

When a creature in nature seems to behave in a way that is unnatural or unusual for them, it is often talked about as a sign that a higher power is using the creature as a messenger.

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What Do Different Butterflies Symbolise?

If you are one to look for ways that God communicates with you, paying close attention to the butterflies that present themselves to you is a great way to decipher a message quicker and with more depth.

So, what do different butterflies represent?

White Butterflies

White butterflies represent purity and birth. White is also the colour of hope.

When white butterflies seek you out, or you begin seeing an abundance of them, God may be trying to communicate a message to you of grace, purity, or rebirth in your spirituality. 

Cupped Hands Holding a White Butterfly

Yellow Butterflies

Yellow butterflies symbolize joy and bright and happy times in your life.

The colour yellow is also associated with creativity. If you are seeing lots of brightly yellowed coloured butterflies, consider yourself in for a happy season of your life.

Yellow Butterfly Collecting Pollen from a Purple Flower

Black Butterflies

Black butterflies can seem a bit haunting and can sometimes represent death.

However, death can mean a symbolic death instead of an actual physical death. In tarot, death means the end of an era or an end to a journey and can also symbolize rebirth or even renewal. 

Blue Butterflies

Blue butterflies come bearing a message of good luck, honour, joy, and nobility. Deep sapphire blue is considered to be the colour of royalty, so it is not a far cry when a blue butterfly visits you that it is representing a noble message.

Blue Butterfly Spread on a Leaf

Red Butterflies

Red butterflies represent supernatural creatures. Since red butterflies are rare, it can symbolize witches and be an omen of danger. Someone may be out to get you spiritually, mentally, or even physically if you see a red butterfly. 

Green Butterflies

Green butterflies are a symbol of wealth and love. If you notice green butterflies, you could be in for a message of financial or personal good fortune. Green represents both paper money as well as the heart chakra in ancient healing practices. 

Green Butterfly in Bush


Butterflies are so intricate and fascinating that you might want to consider if butterflies have a spiritual meaning? But what do butterflies represent spiritually? Many people see butterflies as a sign of freedom, rebirth and transformation.

Butterflies also symbolise how beautiful yet short life can be and that you ought to live it to the fullest.

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