What Do Butterflies Mean in Dreams?

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Butterflies symbolise change and transformation because of the metamorphosis stages that they undergo. It’s no wonder that these unique little creatures have special meaning to some and that they are used symbolically in many cultures.

If you believe in the study of dreams (oneirology), then you may also suppose that dreams are spiritual messages. What you dream of and see in your dream are said to be all-revealing, so what does dreaming of a butterfly mean? 

What it means to dream of a butterfly depends on how the butterfly presents itself. It can be both a positive and negative thing!

But let’s not get too carried away. Because there is no scientific evidence to support such theories, it might be better to enjoy it all as a bit of fun.

Here are a few of the interpretations of what butterfly dreams can mean: 

Landing on You – Some part of your life needs to be changed. You must push to overcome something that is holding you back. Although if a butterfly lands on your hands, it’s a sign that if you look in the right direction, everything will be at your fingertips.

And if it lands on your face, then are being too materialistic. It would be better to find your happiness within yourself, not with a drive for material goods. 

Butterfly Landing on You

A Dead Butterfly – This indicates you are not on the right path. 

A Butterfly Escaping Capture – This suggests you are in a rocky relationship. You must question yourself about it and see if it might be better to walk away.

Catching a Flying Butterfly – You need to challenge yourself. Start trusting the decisions you make because this dream indicates that you are ready to elevate your life.

A Butterfly Fluttering Around Your House – This means that you’re a little lost in life and need to look to others to find your way. In other words, it’s time to seek help.

More than One Butterfly – It could mean that something huge is about to change in your life. Then again, another belief is that it could mean you are in harmony with someone close to you. 

This last example shows how cultural beliefs can conflict because here, we have two different possible meanings.

Do Butterflies Symbolise Good or Bad?

One thing that is usually common among most cultures, is that butterflies represent good luck. 

It is a beautiful little creature, causing no harm to anyone or anything. Dreaming of a butterfly is about bringing you a message. You may not agree with that message, but at least it has brought something to your attention.

Whether you believe it is a message, the symbol of a butterfly in your dream can only be good overall. It is attempting to guide you through your personal life.

The physical body of any living creature is considered, by some, to be a mere shell for your spirit. It is said to be the vessel that grounds you to the earth. 

The butterfly in your dream may represent your inner soul, so it could be your subconscious sending you a message – a way to free yourself from the limits of your physical body. 

Others believe that a butterfly in your dream is an angel coming to you with a prophetic message from the spirits. 

The overall message always seems to be that the butterfly represents change. And that is what a butterfly’s life is all about as it goes through metamorphism. 

It is said to be a connection with your true spirit, your psyche. Representing some powerful phase of your transformation through life.

Different Colours Have Different Meanings

Knowing what a butterfly means can get really complicated but it depends hugely on the colour of the butterfly in question. An orange butterfly means something completely different to a blue butterfly.

We have covered a number of different butterfly colours and their meanings in dedicated articles. Just select the colour you want to know more about: Pink, black, brown, green, orange.

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What Does It Mean If You Dream of Monarch Butterflies?

The Monarch butterfly is well known for its hardiness. It migrates long distances, travelling around 3,000 miles in a year, flying up to a hundred miles a day. It can take 4 generations of the Monarch to complete that migration, yet still they do it year in, year out.

To dream of a Monarch butterfly must be something special because this is a unique little creature upon our planet. The impact of dreaming of this butterfly is meant to be a positive one.

Monarch Butterfly

This is a butterfly that not only undergoes metamorphism, but also the huge migration, so take note if it appears in your dreams. 

Some believe that the message is that you must rise above whatever challenges you are facing. You must become a better version of your present self. 

Should you already be going through hard times, dreaming of Monarch is a message to tell you that you’re almost at the end, and better times are ahead. 

But there are other aspects to dreaming of a butterfly.

Let’s not forget the spiritual aspect of dark and light too. A butterfly represents light, as it flies during the day. Light can expose what is hiding in the darkness, so dreaming of any butterfly means that you should look carefully at every aspect of your life. 

Few of us like change because it feels like starting all over again. But that’s not quite true because life is a constant learning curve.

Along the way, everything you do, and every decision you make means that you are gaining wisdom.

Putting that wisdom together at the right point in your life can set you on a different path altogether, especially if you have a butterfly dream. This shows how you have used what you have learned and put it to good use.


Seeing a butterfly in a dream can have completely different meanings depending on what the butterfly was doing in the dream. These meaning can be both positive and negative.  

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