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The Prettiest Bird in Arizona

Written By Richie Alston


Arizona has got some of the most stunning birds in the entire world – not just the US! But, what if you had to pick. What if you had to decide which birds was the prettiest? Well, we’ve done just that! Here’s our decision:

Elegant Trogon

Location: Southern Arizona

Habitat: Woodlands, Canyons

Rarity: Rare

Latin: Trogon elegant

The Elegant Trogon is a true jewel of Arizona’s bird world. Known for its stunning plumage, the male sports a vivid green back, a red breast, and a strikingly contrasted white and black tail. The females are more subdued but equally beautiful.

These birds are elusive and are often found in the secluded canyons and woodlands of southeastern Arizona, making a sighting a special treat for bird enthusiasts. Their distinctive, echoing call adds an aura of mystery to their presence.

Other Pretty Birds in Arizona

Of course, many birds can be seen across Arizona, many of which are beautiful in their own right. Here are our runners up when looking for the best-looking bird in the whole of Arizona:

1) Vermillion Flycatcher

Location: Southern Arizona

Habitat: Open Woodlands, Riversides

Rarity: Uncommon

Latin: Pyrocephalus rubinus

The Vermilion Flycatcher is a small bird with an outsized personality, known for its brilliant red plumage in males and a more understated peach color in females.

These vibrant birds are a striking sight against the greens and browns of their natural habitat.

They can often be seen perched conspicuously on branches, darting out to catch insects mid-air. Their lively aerial acrobatics and bright colors make them a favorite among Arizona’s birdwatchers.

2) Painted Bunting

Location: Southern Arizona

Habitat: Brushy Areas, Woodlands

Rarity: Uncommon

Latin: Passerina ciris

The Painted Bunting is often described as a ‘flying rainbow’ due to its incredibly vibrant plumage.

Males display an array of colors: blue heads, green backs, red underparts, and yellow shoulders. Females and young birds are a more subdued green but still beautiful.

They are usually seen in Arizona during their migration. Their presence is always a delightful surprise, bringing a burst of color to the Arizona landscape.

3) Anna’s Hummingbird

Location: Across Arizona

Habitat: Gardens, Woodlands, Desert Scrub

Rarity: Common

Latin: Calypte anna

Anna’s Hummingbird is a small, dazzling bird, known for its iridescent emerald feathers and rose-pink throats in males. Females are less colorful but share the same spirited personality.

These birds are known for their remarkable flying abilities, including hovering and even flying backward.

They are a common sight in Arizona, often visiting feeders and flowers in gardens and natural settings. Their high-energy antics and shimmering beauty make them a beloved bird among Arizona’s residents and visitors alike.

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