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The Prettiest Bird in Alaska

Written By Richie Alston


Alaska has such vast landscapes that it should come as no surprise just how much variety there is in the wildlife there. The birds you see there are some of the most majestic you will come across. But, which birds is the prettiest in the owl of Alaska?

Snowy Owl

Location: Northern Regions

Habitat: Tundra, Open Fields

Rarity: Uncommon

Latin: Bubo scandiacus

The Snowy Owl, a magnificent bird, is often associated with the stark beauty of the Arctic tundra. These birds are known for their striking white plumage, which provides excellent camouflage in their snowy habitat.

Snowy Owls are adept hunters, preying on a variety of small mammals. They are especially known for their silent flight and keen eyesight, making them formidable predators.

In Alaska, the sight of a Snowy Owl is a cherished and somewhat rare event, adding to the mystique of this beautiful bird.

Other Pretty Birds in Alaska

We had to consider a few other birds when picking the prettiest and most beautiful. Here are 3 of the birds that came in a close second, third and fourth:

1) Steller’s Jay

Location: Western American

Habitat: Forests, Woodlands, Mountains

Rarity: Common

Latin: Cyanocitta stelleri

Steller’s Jay, with its striking blue and black plumage and a prominent crest, is a common sight in the forests of Alaska. These birds are known for their intelligence and adaptability, often foraging for food and mimicking the calls of other birds.

Their bold and inquisitive nature often brings them close to human habitation, where they are known to playfully interact with their environment.

The Steller’s Jay’s vibrant colors add a splash of brightness to the often green and brown hues of Alaska’s forests.

2) American Dipper

Location: Western America

Habitat: Streams, Rivers

Rarity: Uncommon

Latin: Cinclus mexicanus

The American Dipper is a unique bird often found along the rushing streams and rivers of Alaska. What makes them special is their ability to swim and dive underwater in search of aquatic insects, small fish, and eggs.

They are stocky, medium-sized birds with a distinctive bobbing motion, which is why they are sometimes called ‘water ouzels’.

Their slate gray plumage and cheerful song make them a delightful presence along Alaska’s waterways.

3) Pine Grosbeak

Location: Northern Regions

Habitat: Coniferous Forests, Woodlands

Rarity: Common

Latin: Pinicola enucleator

Pine Grosbeaks are charming birds with a plump body and a short, thick bill, perfect for their diet of seeds and fruits. Males are particularly striking with their bright red or rosy plumage, while females and young birds are more subdued in color.

These birds are not particularly shy and can often be seen in flocks, especially in winter. Their sweet, melodic song is a delightful addition to the Alaskan wilderness, making them a favorite among bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

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