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Will Wasp Spray Kill Bees?

Written By Sara Sabharwal


Will Wasp Spray Kill Bees

Bees nesting near your home can be cause for panic. After all, humans tend to be wary of any flying and stinging insects. So what can you do when you find bees nesting in or near your home? Will wasp spray kill bees?

While wasp spray will kill bees, it is best not to use it. Oftentimes, wasp spray will kill bees, but not instantly. Those few minutes between spraying and dying give plenty of opportunities for bees to retaliate and sting you.

But, why else should you not use wasp spray for getting rid of bees?

Why You Should Avoid Using Wasp Spray

There are a number of reasons why you should avoid using wasp spray to get rid of honey or other types of bees. Wasp and hornet spray is designed to help rid small nests of wasps and hornets.

If you are facing a large nest or a beehive, it is best to call for appropriate help. Below, find why it is not a good idea to try to use wasp spray for removing bees:


Not only is wasp spray ineffective when it comes to killing bees, but it also increases your risk of being stung. Honey bees will release pheromones as it is dying, signalling to other bees that there is danger nearby and the others will come to the rescue. 

Wasp spray is designed for use on open-style nests. The spray coats the outside of the nest with poison, making it easy to transfer to the wasps and hornets.

Bee hives are often found in cavities or they have created a closed system nest. Spraying the outside of the hive will not do much but anger bees. 

Bees are often docile and gentle as they are not defending any hive and are just trying to get to their new home.

Wasps and hornets live in small nests. Even medium to large size nests only house a few hundred wasps or hornets. Bee hives can have up to 5,000 bees in them!

Wasp spray is not designed to handle that sort of population. In fact, in the case of larger wasp and hornet nests, it is best to call a professional to take care of them safely. 


Using wasp spray on bees can be dangerous. Honey bees are social animals and they will defend their hives and queen to their death.

When you notice a lone honey bee or two and want to use wasp spray or other poison on them, they will call out for other honey bees as they die. This can bring a large number of honey bees to the area and increase your risk of being stung. 

Attempting and then failing to kill a hive of honey bees makes them very agitated and alert. This makes it harder for beekeepers to then come in and safely remove the remaining bees from the area.

When the bees are agitated and the beekeeper or exterminator’s job becomes more difficult or dangerous, it can increase the cost associated with the removal for you. 


While honey bees themselves are not protected and can be removed legally, using wasp spray for any use other than what it is labelled for (killing wasps and hornets) is considered illegal in some areas.

If you were to attempt to get rid of bees with wasp spray and they became agitated and stung a neighbour, you could be liable and in some legal trouble.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Bees? 

It is always best to call a local beekeeper to come and take care of bee removal. You can find a beekeeper by Googling or joining a Facebook group for beekeepers in your local area.

More often than not, you can find a professional or hobby beekeeper who would happily come and remove the bees from your space and sometimes even for no cost to you.

Going the beekeeper route is the best option for the bee population. The bees will be moved, not killed, and placed into a new home where they can continue to safely produce honey and pollinate plants. 

If you cannot find a beekeeper, or you are dealing with types of bees other than honey bees, you may need to contact an exterminator. There are many professional local and nationwide exterminator companies. A quick internet search will pull up the information you are looking for.

Once you get in contact with them, they will walk you through what to do and then come out and take a look at the situation. Once they assess the bee or other pest problem, they will go ahead and get rid of the bees. 


If you have more questions about using wasp spray and the effect it has on bees then have a look at these:

Is there a Spray that will Kill Bees?

Yes, there are sprays that are designed to kill bees which are loaded with powerful pesticides. Unfortunately, these are harmful to the planet and not something we would advise using in any case.

Should You Get Rid of Bees?

If the bees are not causing you much harm and have set up a nest away from your home then consider leaving them be. They are part of nature and are hugely beneficial to the wider planet.

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